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Contact Trogir Kayak is a adventure  travel agency. Our benefit comes from the combined experienceand capabilities of an experienced, professional staff functioning as a team to provide consistent, dependable and friendly service. Our goal is to provide all clients with what they need, whether they are on holiday or business travelers. We provide our clients with qualified and experienced personnel who is equally responsible for timely and thorough analysis, professional consulting and responsive travel planning.

Our aim is to take you places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of Trogir area. Want to have a relaxing day in a hidden bay,  no problem!

Contact us, let our team of experts take care of you and spend a pleasant and interesting holiday in Trogir. We encourage you to share with us more detailed information about what you want for your vacation, what kind of accommodation, which excursions, your preferences so that we can arrange a holiday according to your wishes! Do not hesitate to contact us and ask whatever your want. We’re here to help visitors to our beautiful country .

Trogir Kayak – quality service with the smile 🙂