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Trogir Kayak offers you best Sea Kayak Adventure tours in Trogir Croatia.

One day sea kayak tours around Trogir, boat and sea kayak adventure to Blue Lagoon, day adventure to nearby Island and multi days adventures in unknown parts of Dalmatia, but even close to known tourist areas we discover those authentic places which most tourist don’t get to! Tours for real travelers, who seek out both the highlights of a destination and true experiences of local culture . Tours which not only deliver authentic local experiences to our clients, but we also take active steps to care for the destination they travel to.These, together with the beautiful natural environment are considered the Croatia one of the most ideal places on earth to spend a relaxing and interesting holiday.

Our aim is to discover for you those places where you can feel and taste the ‘real spirit’ of Croatia.

Sea Kayak Adventure to Blue Lagoon / Island Drvenik

  • Route

    Trogir or Seget – Blue Lagoon – Seget or Trogir
  • Start of the trip

    08:30 AM
  • Length

    Boat drive 1h, one direction & Sea kayak tour cca.7km
  • End of the trip

    around 16:00 PM
  • Number of participants

    up to 15 (even more if booked well in advance)
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Sea Kayak around Trogir

  • Route

    Seget Donji – Trogir – Seget Donji
  • Start of the trip

    Morning Start of the trip: 9:30 AM

    Afternoon Start of the trip: 17:00 PM

  • Length

    cca 7 km
  • End of the trip

    Morning End of the trip: around 12:30 AM

    Afternoon End of the trip: around 20:00 PM

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